Car escapes cops during chase. Once you see the driver you’ll fall off the chair

Footage of the police officer who made the most amount of DIW arrests in New Mexico last year shows him pulling over a speeding woman. After apprehending her, he’s overcome by emotion moments later after he exchanges a few words with the woman’s young daughter. It’s this moment that has people on YouTube agreeing—“Now there’s a man with good moral.”

By October 2017, State Police Officer Toby Lafave in New Mexico had made 113 arrests.

Lafave saw a driver in a gold Cadilac that was exceeding 90 mph down Interstate 40. The driver was weaving dangerously through the traffic.

When he pulled the female driver over, Lafave was quick to notice a young girl who was unbuckled, sitting in the front seat. Lafave asked the woman, Yvonne Ukestine, her reason for driving so fast. She told him, “I was scared.”

Ukestine added that she was scared of the freeway.

Lafave proceeded to ask Ukestine to step out of the car and found that she was unsteady.
Ukestine even cut him off when he questioned her.

“I’ve been behind you for awhile,” he told her.

She tried to explain to Lafave that she had just come out of a concert and was worried for her 6-year-old niece.

Her niece was sitting in the front seat.

“I think she’s scared,” she says, in the police video.

Lafave replies by saying: “Yeah, I’m sure she is. I’d be afraid, especially the way you were driving. I’d be afraid, too.”

When Lafave started testing the lady for drunk driving, she admitted that she was intoxicated after failing several tests. Lafave then arrested her.

After putting the woman in his police unit, Lafave found strollers in the trunk of the woman’s car.

The girl was trying to close the trunk of the car.

“Hey baby, I’ll get it, I’ll get it,” he told her.

While he was on the phone arranging for someone to pick up Ukestine’s niece, he suddenly broke down.

According to KRQE, Lafave was so emotional at one point that he could hardly speak on the phone.

As Lafave walked back to Ukestine’s car, he told another officer, “That makes my heart hurt.”

He couldn’t help but say, “God, it breaks my heart,” as he walked back to his patrol car.

Ukestine was charged with driving while impaired but reached a plea deal on Oct. 20, 2017.

The report confused a number of people online, who asked why the officer broke down at the sight of the strollers. A local who saw the news explained in the comments section of the YouTube video, “The emotions of saving the child from possibly being in a severe accident from the woman driving drunk overwhelmed him.”

Despite the report not clarifying the actual reason, the viewer is left with that impression.

Another person wrote: “When a police officer breaks down in tears like this, you know he’s [sic] the real deal. These are the types of officers we need.”

Watch the video below:

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