Things Rummy Players Hate to Experience in Online Rummy

Things Rummy Players Hate to Experience in Online Rummy

The age-old card-game rummy is one of the most played card games in India. Over the years, the number of rummy players has increased drastically, and the credit can be shared with online rummy sites that have facilitated playing the game anytime and anywhere. Apart from its fun element, the game also helps build the soft skills, which is another reason why players love this game. But despite its many benefits, there are some instances that regular rummy players hate to experience while playing online. Every rummy player has been through each of these circumstances, and each time it’s equally frustrating. We whole-heartedly sympathise with all those who face these situations time and time again, but on the bright side, we’ve shared a quick tip with each situation to help you. Read on to find what it is below:

  1. Playing with the Tortoise

At times you might be faced with an opponent who is extremely slow in making his/her moves. It mostly happens in case the player is a beginner and needs time to plan and fashion the next move. It’s incredibly annoying especially if you’ve already planned your next step and the other person is taking forever to draw and discard a card. But you can do nothing much, other than wait. Although, online rummy players have an advantage with the game timer, which limits every players’ turn to 30 seconds.

Quick Tip: Instead of getting frustrated, plan your next move. Or if you’ve already done that, take a look at the discards and try analysing your opponent’s strategy.

  1. Waiting for Prince Charming

Unlike the childhood fairy tales, the Prince Charming may never come, and you must prepare yourself to manage without it. Confused? The card being discussed here is the Joker Card. You would agree for sure that a joker is the most anticipated card in rummy, and it seems to disappear when we need it the most. At times, a single Joker Card can save our entire game, and waiting for it seems irksome.

Quick Tip: Instead of waiting for the Joker Card, i.e. the prince charming for rummy players, try making your melds without it. Forget that a joker even exists, and you’ll be able to make better and faster melds.

  1. The Hurried Move

We all mistakes, and the most common of them is making a hurried move, that turns out to be a wrong one. It may happen because you are too pumped up, or you’ve spent too much time planning the move, or maybe because you’ve not planned your game well. Regardless of the reason, one wrong play can spoil the entire game for you. And you have nobody to blame, but yourself.

Quick Tip: Instead of brooding on your mistake, think about how you can rectify your error. If the game is still on, quickly plan a strategy to counter your misstep and make you win the game.

  1. Missing the Last Train

Rummy tournaments or Tourneys are something everyone waits for eagerly. But what about those times when you either miss the registration deadline, or the tables are already full. It is a really disappointing situation, especially when you rush in the last minute and you are unable to register even then. You might set a reminder before the deadline, but sometimes you get too busy to register on time and miss the important tourney.

Quick Tip: Instead of setting up reminders, register as soon as you get notified about it. Registration is fast, and this way you won’t miss out the important ones too. Also, you can download the online rummy App so that you can check for upcoming promotions anytime, and immediately register.

  1. Wrong Declare

This is the ultimate pain point for any rummy lover, and often the most disappointing. A wrong declare is much worse than a miscalculated move. You are too excited about quickly completing all your melds and immediately click on the Declare button to claim your win. And the next thing is, you’ve made a wrong declare in a hurry. Either there’s a sneaky card hiding between your melds that you failed to notice, or you forgot about the pure sequence. The Worst Part – You lose those 80 points in just one go! This is a moment when you either feel like crying or ripping everything apart.

Quick Tip: Always double check your cards before you declare and arrange your melds in alternate colours of suits so that you don’t miss a stray one. Also, try making the pure sequence at the beginning of your game itself so that you don’t forget about it later.

To Sum up

Mistakes are an essential step for efficient learning. Mistakes don’t matter as much as the lesson learnt from them does. So, the next time you are faced with any of the above annoying situations, simply treat it as another learning experience. You can also try making use of the quick tips shared here and enjoy playing the game with other rummy players. Hope you have fun with the 13-card game.


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