Nowadays, in this era of investments, one of the most selected investments is Gold. It has charm, prestige and not mention it has a stronghold in the market. It is also considered a store of value. Though there are times when gold faces a fall in prices, they can make a comeback in a very short period. These precious metals one of the most popular sources of investment.

Well, investing in gold is worthy because it is an inflation-beating investment and also has a negative relation with equity investments.

Gold through the Future Market:

  • The Future market is referred to as paper trading.
  • An agreement that shows that buying and selling can be done for a price that is decided at the time of signing of the contract.
  • These markets work as an arena for purchasing physical gold.
  • Large investments through gold lead to lists of additional costs.

Supply and demand affect the price of gold. Central banks play a vital role in the increment or decrement of the price of gold. Gold prices are related to central banks. Gold helps in providing financial support.

Forms of Gold:

  • Jewelry, coins and gold bars are a form of physical way of buying gold.
  • Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF’s), mutual funds and many others are part of the paper way of buying gold.

The cost of buying physical gold in the form of bars anywhere is around 10% and of jewelry, the cost is even higher. Investors must consider the security of their gold funds by placing them in a depository or safe deposit box. Bank does not technically provide permission for the storage of bullion and the investors are required to sign the agreement. All the security boxes provided banks are insured.

Apart from buying and selling gold can also be done. Sometimes investors are also surprised by the amount they receive after selling the gold. What’s more that there are many other costs included at the time of selling of gold i.e. shipping, insurance, and liquidation fees. A sharp move in prices is the move required to gain profit.

Some Investments Vehicles:

  • Gold Bars: These carry low prices as compared to bullion coins.
  • Coins: Common way of purchasing gold coins. These are generally priced because of demand and supply.
  • Exchange-Traded Funds: Easy way to gain about gold price without any inconvenience. These are also not part of mutual funds.

Apart from this, there can be many more investment vehicles to buy gold as physical metal.


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